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Great Write up man, I think you pretty much nailed it....Although my car may be a big change over a stock SS there probably isn't to much difference from yours to mine that were going to feel, at least in normal driving conditions anyways.
I will say this car feels about twice as fast/stronger then my 2012 SS L99 with same bolt ons, ever was..although the steering in this car is amazingly responsive and I love that (just gotta get more used to it), I will say my 2012 handled almost just as good, honestly I can't tell that much of a difference on regular roads anyways, probably due to both being FE4 suspensions..
Overall I think the 1LE is an awesome package and definitely worth the upgrade though, especially for what I paid for my 2SS 1LE, 36,5XX, Can't beat that (package is worth the ZL1 wheels and 3:91's alone)!
Tssunami Your car is off the hook and looks to match I would never trade that thing in but rather I would keep making it your own, your doing a phenominal job minus the front license plate of course. Thats one thing I have a much harder task to do with my car , 1LE's all look the same (only thing bad about the car)..good thing is I haven't seen one to date around here yet......

P.s. My car is faster!!
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