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It was ninety nine cents!
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@Whammo and Bad@ssCamaro: Thanks for reading guys! I really enjoyed driving Eric's 1LE, it's such a nice machine, and his taste for mods is generally similar to mine. I mean how often do you find someone who has a 1LE and the same engine mods as your very own car. (well similar mods anyway) It really lets one see how far they need to go to reach a comparable level of performance.

I think it would be a really helpful post to someone who is on the fence about trading their *modded* SS for a 1LE.

I tried to be as objective and honest as possible. I really did love the way that 1LE felt.

@Brian: You going to WGI this weekend? I'm thinking of going! See my post in the club thread :-D Hope you had a great winter.
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