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Originally Posted by Sweet Zness View Post
No it would be YOU who don't. For the same price you can get a very gently used to all but new z06. You really want to road race, the idea is to do it well and not suck. You can buy a Z06 and beat the guy in the Z28 or lose all day every day to those who are running them.

So we are talking about a 70-80K CAMARO, Im sorry... engineered for racing Camaro that will not be allowed in any series racing, but hey if you and your buds want to hit a trackday then that's what we are building this car for, excuses kinda sucks.

So you build a car without sound deadening materials, and no air with one speaker, because you know only the most serious racers would that make a difference with, but its not designed for those most serious of racers in any kind of series racing, just trackdays. Got it
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