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Review cont

Sorry I dont know how to include the pic and then type after it. So on to the review! First they are lighter than stock. Pics will be included below. Next let me just say that if you are the average Joe with an average set of tools dont believe any of the instructions that say these can be put on in 30-45 minutes per wheel! I started with the fronts and got down to 1 bolt that would not break loose even with a 2 foot breaking bar. I ended up putting the front one back together, reviewed the directions, grabbed a beer and decided I could do the rears. I was doing this in my driveway on jackstands. It was around 6:00 pm when I started the rear. The first one took about 2.5 hours. I managed to make every possible mistake I think and had to take it apart 3 times to get it adjusted appropriately. Once I moved to the other side things went much faster about 1.5 hours. I was going slow to make sure everything was right so it could have been done in an hour.

I took her in to the dealership to do the front which cost about $345 with the alignment. The folks in the service department at Ferman were great. The technician that did the worked asked me how low I wanted to go, about what type of driving I was planning for and set the alignment up within the GM specs but pushed the camber and toe both front and back for better handling in autocross. I have not done any autocross yet but I have some wonderful roads to drive on my way out of my neighborhood that test handling.

So after the install I got to test these babies out. The first few days were rainy so I couldn't get into the curves too much but I already noticed that the understeer was gone! Instead I noticed that the rear would start to move out on me just a bit. It was really pretty balanced. The dampeners were set a bit stiffer than stock in the rear at 6 clicks (8 from the hardest is supposed be stock) while the front had been set very soft by Ferman. After the first couple of days I set them to the same dampening as the rears. This made the car pretty stiff and you could really feel it on bad roads. On the other hand I could drive about 6 MPH faster around some of the curves than I could before! The down side of stiffening the fronts is that some understeer seems to be back. I guess sway bars will have to be the next suspension mod!
After a couple weeks I am very pleased. I will need to drill the trunk so I can adjust the rear dampeners. I would like a little softer ride for the day to day commute. I'll let you know how that goes.

Here are the rest of the pics;
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