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Where can I find an Owen in Riyadh?

Mine has 3.5k, 5 months old 2012, and I believe that I've started to notice the sound after the first 500k if I am not mistaken!!

I've taken it to the agency, and test drove it with a mechanic beside me but I couldn't get it to happen with him beside me :'( The sound existed at that test drive but it wasn't that loud that only I heard it!! He told me that he would love to fix it for me but he just can't hear it and can't get something fixed without knowing the issue (long stroy), at the end he added, don't worry if it is going to cause more damage with time, we will fix all the damaged parts under warranty for free :/ I was like the damage that it might be caused by that sound isn't the only thing concerning me, it is the sound that bugs me!!
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