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Originally Posted by PieNsky View Post
Damn, bunch of judgmental people on here. People make mistakes. He wasn't expecting the back end to come around on him like that.

Originally Posted by UltimateAdam View Post
Its very relieving to know that while I STILL haven't gotten the car I ordered a year ago, dumb @$$es like this can wreck theirs. yay.
Really it happens to professional drag racers often

Originally Posted by Vash View Post
Yea looks like an oil or water spot, lost traction and since the system was off the back end came out. It could happen to anyone really even a pro.
Exactly he probably had all systems off..he should have just turned traction control off and ran it...but stuff happens...atleast he got out there on the track and attempted to run it instead of being a parking lot queen sitting reving the engine and sitting around taking pictures of his car all of the amazes me how non-racers or non-track enthusiast can critique a pass never having any experience themselves on the 1320
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