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Originally Posted by TrekGTO View Post
How’s it going, big question does Super Chiller mounting clear Bumper Cover. Hendrix is in same situation so a heads up would help. I have considered reversing existing top bracket so Chiller would hang same but farther to rear. Still use horn mount bolt hole but back side. You would need to drill out the 4 SS Rivets and replace them drill frame rail for the lower mounting bolt.

I looked into this for the V6 bumper since it did not clear but never followed through when they eliminated fog lights on V6 SEMA car need went away. The SS just clears that’s what I had to work with last yr when I started on Camaro. I don’t know how much that would change existing pre assembled hoses but nothing we can’t work around. I can make any new hoses you need free exchange. Just let me know what you need glad to help, this will be big help to me and Camaro community since the ZL1 bumper will be a popular upgrade as well as fitting an actual ZL1. Of course if it clears then this is all for not. Have you figured out Green Wire goes to green AC wire or AC relay out put terminal? I think taping green wire looks better.
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I tried sliding the chiller box in from the bottom just to see how it was going to fit...and it wouldnt fit at all.
So I went ahead and removed the front bumper cover and mounted the chiller last night where it is designed to go.
Hopefully today I can loosely assemble the front bumper cover back on and see what kind of interference problems I am going to run into then I will know more.
I did for a breif moment think about relocating the chiller box to right behind the front bumper (the actual metal bumper)and in front of the AC condenser... and putting it as far to the passenger side as possible.

I will try to remember to take some pics so that I can describe better what all is going on.
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