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Originally Posted by HRD_WRK View Post
Hank - you're funny. I felt like that is what is was last year at first-thought we were on Full Tree.

As someone who races a bit, I would recommend Pro Tree for all classes. I race and TNT locally on Full and race abroad on Pro. There are different approaches to each based upon ones car and driver skill. One's ET would be the same on either-only if one stages the same way. I do not, so it's important to know which the tree will be -No Random trees(teack tower would laugh too at the idea)

It is very uncommon to red light on Pro if you stage properly. So it's best for this event.
With Full tree(countdown yellows), it is quite easy to red light-despite its also generally easier to cut a good light.

There are phone practice apps and also I'd suggest watching a few runs and foot practice on their tree before you go to the lanes.

If you are having really slow RT on the Pro and are entering a heads up event, you can help your RT by staging deeper into the stage. This will also slow your ET down, but is irrelevant if you crossed the finish line first from a better than opponent reaction time.

If anyone are new to the drag scene, there is a great sticky in Camaro5 Drag section 'Drag racing for newbies'.

Feel free to ask me any procedure questions in the lanes during TNT, in my pit(look for blue canopy/white trailer/silver 5G), or at the hotel night gatherings. Glad to help.
Thanks Tim...
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