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Originally Posted by Evil-Bee-NH View Post
Interesting. As much as i loved the nice weather I'd love high 70s low 80s this time lol. That heatsoak last year was killer. Any chance they will keep better track of who's racing in the classes? I know myself and whiskeyfed sat in the staging lanes for our runs for like 5-8 mins while they kept announcements going for us to be there.

Second question if we arrived on thursday can we tech in that day to save time i know we all kinda sat there for the tech in on friday for awhile last year.

If you are drag racing, post up what class and I'll do my best to keep this list as 100% updated as i can. If you need to bail for any major reason shoot me a PM or post on here so i can adjust accordingly in case maybe classes and racers wanna do their own ideas in addition to class racing.

Drag Racing List

Class 0: All 2.0T I4 Camaros


Class 1: All V6 Camaros

Class 1.5: Modded V6 Camaros.


Class 2: Stock SS Camaros.


Class 3: Modified 5th/6th Gen Camaros.


Class 4: Super Modified FI/Nitrous 5th/6th Gen Camaros.

Class 5: Unlimited Any Camaro Any Mod/Driver

Bracket Racing: Any Camaro (Plz specify generation).


M6 Street Tire: Any Manual Camaro no DRs/ Slicks.

Stock ZL1: CAI okay
Guess I'd be in super modified class.. and the kicking evil bee's ass class as well. Need to do some driveline mods and get drag radials before July! C'mon work bonus!

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