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Originally Posted by fhrex View Post


Outside Rearview Mirror Glass Retainers (Qty :6)

Warning: Refer to Glass and Sheet Metal Handling Warning.

Apply several layers of masking tape to the top of the outside rearview mirror housing in order to protect the painted finish.
Push the mirror glass (2) inward at the bottom of the mirror glass until full travel is reached.
Insert a suitable tool behind the mirror glass and housing, pry outward until the mirror glass is releases from the retainers.
Disconnect electrical connectors from mirror, if equipped.

Outside Rearview Mirror Glass

Align the mirror glass retainers with the retaining tabs (1) on the actuator.
Using a 9 cm (3 in) rubber sanding block placed in the center of the mirror glass, apply pressure until an audible click is heard.
Inspect the power mirror for proper operation.

Thanks. This is helpful
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