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Originally Posted by advfire View Post
OK- here is my question, recently installed a new TVS2300 and stage 2 cam, Love it - the power is incredible - dyno shows 638RWHP and 624 RWTQ. The dyno and tune is showing that the engine is pushing about 10lbs of boost < maybe even alittle more>

Now the problem. I have started to notice small deposits of oil under the car after a run. not much but some. I understand that the increase in boost can force higher pressures in the crankcase, but should i be looking into the rear seal and possible replacing it. Is there a manufacture that makes a high performance rear seal.

It does appear to be toward the rear of the engine, putting the girl up on the lift this weekend and will have a better view, but by looking under just on the ground it does appear to be in that area.
With More boost you have to let the crankcase breath more, we offer a real nice Oil filler cap Breather from Metco Products.

We put one on every Boost car that comes in.

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