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The 1LS and all LT Camaros (auto or manual) come with a 3.27:1 axle ratio. The 2LS, however, has a 2.92:1 ratio.

What does this mean and why would GM do this? Well, the why appears to be so they can have a Camaro that gets an EPA rated 30MPG highway, which they can advertise and which also helps there CAFE numbers. The taller 2.92:1 ratio means lower RPMs at highway speed, and the 2LS is the only Camaro (as of this writing) to get that 30MPG highway rating on its sticker.

BUT…that same tall gearing also reduces performance a bit. The 2LS’ 0-60 time is 6.4 seconds, vs. 5.9 seconds for all of the other V6s. The 2LS’ quarter mile stats are 14.8 seconds @ 93MPH, whereas the LT autos are 14.4 @ 98MPH and the 1LS/LT manuals are 14.3 @ 98MPH.

As you can see, there is a tradeoff involved here, which is fine, as long as buyers are aware of it going into their purchase. (The above gearing and performance numbers are published by Chevy, and are available here. Look on page 24, under the heading “Performance.”)
I bought a 2LS for the price and the gas mileage. I drive 80+ miles a day, so the 30mpg come in handy. As for the gearing, I really don't care if I am 0.5 sec later on the next red light then a 1LS, or 2 sec later then a V8. It's still a great car....
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