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Originally Posted by Muddflap View Post
The easiest way for me to describe it is say you are in a parking lot in you car and instead of giving it throttle you just ease off the clutch and let the car roll. As long as you don't give it any throttle like the car is wanting you will fill it start to surge a little. It's the same surging just a little more pronounced up to about 1500-1600rpms. It's easily avoided by leaving the clutch slightly engaged "slipping the clutch" or giving it a little throttle or a combination of the two. Others on here might be able to explain it a lot better than I can but I hope this helps.

As far as every day driving at normal speeds you won't feel it unless you are in too low of a gear to where your rpm's drop to the 1500-1600 area. Some people absolutely do not like surging/buckling at all, but it doesn't bother others. You can talk to Rhino79 on here with GPI (he is the guy that spec'd and did my install). He can give you a lot more information than I can and even spec you a cam a little smaller so there will be no surging at all if that is what you are looking for.
thanks for detailed response. makes sense. so cruising at 60 in 6th at about 1200 rpms, is that an issue now?
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