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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post

Brandi appears to be headed back into the hospital Monday...

We are looking to fix the transmission and we also need to address a potential issue with the drivers side wastegate... It appears a diaghram may have gone awol... so, we are going to kill several birds with one stone.... Corey is going to talk with the manufacturer of the wastegate rather than where we got it from... I am not going back down that road...My wallet and my backside are still hurting from the last effort along that road...

I'm going to talk to the wife and see if I can order the nine inch kit from DSS while she's in the hospital and go ahead and get the trans, the diff and all ready at the same time...

If so... then it's time to see what we can ring out of her with some race fuel and a boost boost.... After that, it's time for some laughing gas and really ring her out...
Now we're talkin brotha!!! Wew its been a while I was wonderin whats goin on up in here just never had the time to scroll thru all the past post and play catch up. I need to upgrade all my stock rear parts as well so I can put some serious rubber on the wheels and see what it'll do. I can hardly wait til your whip is fully complete to see whats its gonna clock in the mile should be pretty crazy. Dont stop the MADNESS homeboy!!!
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