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OK, so, where was I? Oh yea, I was really pondering selling the car and maybe get a '12 vert or wait it out for the ZL1 but both would have been out of the question financially. So, I decided to keep BIG RED and do some really good mods! Now that the transmission was replaced I felt more comfortable that it wasn't gonna blow up on me so let's have some fun!

Last winter after the trans was fixed I ordered up the JRE 415 package which consisted of a CAI cai, Dynatech headers with high flows, and tune! I was against tuning for the first year because of warranty but now I thought most of the bugs have been taken care of so what the hell, let's go for it! I also got rid of the crappy pedals and installed a set of black anadized billet pedals! I hated the feel of the steering wheel so off it went! In it's place went an Ace steering wheel which I love!

I ended up replacing the Hurst T-handle in favor of the standard white cue ball. The T-handle got very HOT in the summer and very COLD in the colder weather. Oh, I also painted the instrument guage bezel, steering wheel bezel and console guage trim to match RJT!

Let's see what else, oh yea, BMR sways, trailing arms, and subframe inserts! I had BMR end links but that didn't work out to well and we won't get into that! I have the stockers on now.

Last but not least I had the windows tinted 35/20% and installed Big Worm Graphics Gunsmoke lens tints.

Here's some pics as it was last summer!
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