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Originally Posted by 570hp-lpe View Post
Funny you mention that... For work, I do mobile Communications for Police, Fire, and EMS vehicles. One aspect of what we install are Cameras and already have streaming capability for the data to be stored on a remote server, or streamed direct to a web server...

The setup is pretty expensive though. The Cameras we interface with are High Def and are very expensive Panasonic units. (Ever watch COPS? They are the same Camera's used in the Police Cars.) The setup is probably 5K for the Camera and Communications gear. I have the Communications gear already.. I don't have the Camera. (it's $3K) We have used cheap web cams.. They don't have a very high frame rate when streaming over the cellular connection.

It would be possible for me to put streaming video in place pretty easily. Cost prohibitive though.
Very cool. Go for the new market development funds -- think of the possibilities with over 100 thousand Camaro owners and don't forget all the professional racing circuits, World Rally, NASCAR, INDY... Wait a minute. I may want a piece of this new program.
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