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Originally Posted by madmaxx18 View Post
Will the zl1 6 pistons clear the 19" forgelines?
Hmmm let me think real hard. Did anyone ever run the Forgeline 19s with CTS-V six pots. Damn... I know some one did.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Pedders is committed to being a strong supporting member of the 5th gen community. When we needed a brake upgrade for our Camaro we looked everywhere and came right back to the GM parts bin. It took a while, but we sorted it out and found what we believe to be the most cost effective and perhaps best brake solution for the Camaro. If I ran GM -- and I don't I know what I would do for better Camaro brakes. I would use THE CADILLAC OF BRAKES for the Camaro -- CTS-V BRAKES.

These are the same brakes that set a record on the Ring with John Heinricy behind the wheel of s CTS-V as the fastest production sedan to run the ring.

The CTS-V is a bit heavier than the Camaro making the setup PERFECT. This is a bolt on project that requires only the front dust shield be trimmed to fit the over-sized six piston front caliper. Everything is performance / track ready to go. The pads are perfect out of the box. They are also Cadillac quiet. The front calipers do require different bolts. All the parts are supposed to be available front the GM parts bin, but we did have some delays in collecting everything we needed. Arthur at Witt Buick Pedders did a great job of getting all the bits pulled together for me.

This is a HUGE upgrade for the Camaro. Take a close look at the calipers and pads. The superior clamping from six pistons combined with a much larger pad and rotor work to PERFECTION with the master cylinder and computer.

The rotors are very different up front. These are dual cast from Brembo with an aluminum hat / center and iron rotor. Even though the new Cadillac rotors are larger and thicker, they weigh the same as the OEM SS Camaro rotors.

Trimming the front dust shield was straight forward. How can any modification (unless it is Pedders made to fit just like the OEM bits we replace) be complete without sparks from a cutting wheel?

The brake upgrade is 100% OEM CTS-V with the exception of Pedders Camaro Brake Lines. You can see our brake lines fit and mount just like OEM. Why is Pedders doing brake lines for the 2010 Camaro? Great question. When we built our Camaro we couldn't find them in the aftermarket so we took matters into our own hands. PDUSACAM2800

The rear Cadillac CTS-V caliper is the same as the Camaro SS rear caliper. The only difference is color. We did try to rear CTS-V and found the hat offset is a bit different, but the OEM Camaro SS rotor is a perfect match.

Here they are, THE Cadillac of Brakes of the 2010 Camaro.

Rear Before

Rear After

Front Before

Front After

When you do a conversion like this it is critical that the entire brake system be bled including the ABD computer. We connected the new USB based GM scan tool and could not find a full bleed program. We connected a Tech I scan tool, selected 2010 Corvette and found a functional solution. With everything completed we did on more safety check and went out for a road test. Working with Witt Buick Pedders means we have access to everything we need including a 'private' area to bed the brakes. 60 to 20, 80 to 20 and 100 to 20 and the brakes are bedded.

How do they feel -- jut like a Cadillac CTS-V. Are they better than the SS brakes -- OH YEAH!!! Now the tough question, how do you get a set. We are posting this for the benefit of the Camaro community. Witt Buick Pedders put in a tremendous amount of effort to secure all the bits and do the install. Little things like finding the right way to bleed the brakes take a lot of time. The rear rotors from the CTS-V don't fit and son on. They have earned the right to at least have the opportunity to make a parts sale.

Keeping the community in mind, you already know that a complete set of CTS-V brakes will fit and what you need to order short of the parts list. Your creative and can source that on the Internet. If you would like to order a turn key kit you can call Arthur at Witt Buick Pedders (231) 722-3771 for $3,400 including the Pedders SS lines.
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