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Originally Posted by Matt @ FSP View Post
Depending on the updates... I do not want to go into tuning wars of tuner A vs B here. What I will say is that how we are doing it with the wideband gauge attached is one of the best methods. Others cannot get widebands to log in their software, so they are relying on customer input and estimated RPM ranges for the wideband reading. We are looking right at the actual wideband being logged and adjusting that way. We really don't have any planned future updates, but yes if I came across something in another tune that would work well on yours I would do a free update no problem. If you add heads/cam combination to the car, then we'll go on a per case by case basis on how much additional for that round of mods. Right now we have a sweet deal going on that includes a free custom tune (This does not mean one tune file, this means from start to finish remote tuning) coupled with the HPTuners software.

You are more than welcome to come here to use the dyno, we can get some base pulls on the car and see if it would be worth even touching the current tune. That is up to you.

etmx: Just shot you a file bud. Enjoy the Camaro cruise!
Thanks for the info...of course the weather right now is not ideal, but I guess a tune for this weather then have another file for when it starts getting nice out would be very handy. I will be in touch with you. Just finishing the wiring on the nitrous and have some dress up goodies to deal with, but once my gauge gets here and installed I will touch base with you. I expect the gauge any day now.
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