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Originally Posted by 98_Camaro View Post
It's kind of like the calm before the storm. GM has the ZL1 coming, but FoMoCo has the updated Mustang right around the corner.
Ford might be hurting in Mustang sales now, but it's going to be all-out war come spring...
I am not too sure about that, that is what was said about the 2011 Mustangs when they were coming out. Ford replaced the V-6 and V-8 with new much better engines and yet this has been the result of that.

I think it would be safer to wait and see what happens when the few changes to the Mustang line (and the 650BHP GT500) are here.

I remember seeing a rendering which combined Aston Martin and that new Ford concept car front end on it. Visually the Mustang just doesn't have much going for it, it doesn't look bad but at the same time it doesn't really stand out either. The next generation Mustang will have a chance to set that right and with the engines they currently have it should be a great vehicle.
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