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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Just and FYI for future people doing this, from a person that tints for a living, only thing I would do different is the GooGone it takes way to much time to do that it mainly just smears the glue around and is a PITA. What I would do is get you a nice flat razor blade and glass cleaner, soak down the window with glass cleaner and use the razor blade and scrape the window at about a 45 degree angle takes about 10 minutes to do an entire window that way. But other then that good job on the write up.
"Wrong" my friend it did not smear at all, razor blade i used as you can see in pictures... and a sponger was not that much PITA, but the 10 min thing is complete BS lol. I went to a professional window tinter he did nearly same thing when removing the rear windshield tint since i didn't wanna harm the defoggers.
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