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Originally Posted by snickerdoodle View Post
I would put the XA's on the 1LE. I spoke from Rob from Wretched Motorsports (he's on of Pedder's best installers) and he explained why it is a better shock. Don't forget you able to adjust them while with the stockers you cannot!
I absolutely agree you can make the 1LE even better than factory. In another thread comparing the 1LE to the Boss, the 1LE pulled a 1.27G on the skid pad.

I run XAs lowered, 20x10 wheels with 285/35-20s, solid subframe bushings, front and rear bushings, racing sways, and rear control arms. I recently blew my side air bags due to hard cornering. GM pulled the data from the computer and I peaked at 1.5 Gs while still maintaining control.

Unfortunately the computer thought I was rolling over. So what I'm saying about not modifying the 1LE yet is everyone who plans on really tracking this car better find out what GM's stance is on installing mods and having something like this happen. I can tell you GM turned my claim down because quote, " the car has been modified and a rollover was eminent." You guys can call this a defect and GM should pay, but I will tell you if they find you modded the car, you'll be eating the repair cost. You can fight them, but be prepared to lawyer up and spend more on that than the repair. Initially I asked for a copy of the computer report and was told it's GM proprietary and I would have to subpoena GM to get it. How's that for customer service.
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