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No. There was actually a crazy mix up. I'll be happy to tell the story, but it's sort lengthy.

I bought the Borla Atak for my new SS. BEfore being installed (I was having it done professionally) I was given a call and was told it was not the correct size. I called Borla (not the place I bought it from) and they told me to give them the number of the shop. While they were talking I called the place I ordered it from. The place I ordered it from determined they sent the V6 version nad not the V8. At the same time Borla thought they had some sort of production error and they sent the shop a new Atak exhaust. I was never told this. Then the place I had originally ordered from overnighted me the correct V8 version as well. The next day two new overnighted exhausts arrived at the shop. I had agreed to send back the V6 model to the original company I was working with. The shop did me the favor of printing out the shipping label provided by the company and shipped out the box. This way I wouldnt have to worry about trying to get the box in my Camaro. The other correct Atak was properly installed. So next thing we know, the shop realized they accidentally sent back the V8 from Borla (not the V6 version) to the original company. I called Borla and asked what I should do and they were amazing. They told me not to worry about it. That it was an honest mistake. So I've been holding onto this spare exhaust for about a month now.

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