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Originally Posted by crangie View Post
I am in.
Originally Posted by Camaro_Corvette View Post
Put me in for it!
Originally Posted by WarMachineZL1 View Post
Hell yeah, i'm in. Novice.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Great track. Great opportunity. I wish i could join you. Too bad Dragoneye disappeared. He could come to Gingerman and get beat again my THE Becky.
It is too bad he's gone...if he were still around - THE Becky might never show her face at a performance event again!

Originally Posted by Ph4r View Post
What are the vehicle Tech Requirements? Are Convertibles allowed with Mods but no roll-bar / roll-cage? If you click on the Q & A section, they address this. We'll allow convertibles to participate, with the recommendation you leave the top up.

Originally Posted by BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet View Post
I'm in! Novice class.

Probably drive the ZL1

Gotta practice to beat Mr Wydham
You'll try......

Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
I just got back from Gingerman this Sunday from a Shelby event! Dang, need to sign up for this bad..... SIGNED UP!!!! Hopefully we will get a nice 70F day with clouds but no rain!!

By the way, magazines didn't give it to you, but I will. 1LE vs. 302 LS.... see last lap, last turn (LS had 6 piston front and rear brakes with Corsa exhaust). The Ford guys at the track were really cool though and brought out some nice cars. That LS sounded really mean with that Corsa exhaust and in the previous session I passed him as well but on the straights under full throttle he was pulling away.

Originally Posted by NerdWerx View Post
South Haven is only twenty minutes from me at most. I'll probably be there.
I'll add you to the list - if you can't make it, let me know and I'll take your name down.

Originally Posted by ken53007 View Post
I would like to do this but it is way to close to camaro5 fest
It is pretty close...the intent was to be a pretty regional, local event...I wouldn't want to drive across country to put my car through a road course, anyways...*just in case*.

Originally Posted by ssmike View Post
I just got time off approved, spouse approved, and signed up for the Novice group! Can't wait! This will be my first event of this type! Only track time I've had is at Watkins Glen behind a pace car with our Upstate C5 group. It was fun but this is gonna be a blast!

Originally Posted by stand-al0ne View Post
This is JUST the thing I have been looking for! I would love to do this! Maybe I still can - but if only there was more notice!

What I great idea! I hope this catches on and becomes more frequent. Maybe at other tracks too???? Sebring, Barber Motorsports park, Road Atlanta, etc...

Just the thing I have been setting my Camaro up for!!
With luck and interest.....stress the "interest"....we might be able to organize a few more across the country. This sort of thing, IMO, is what the Camaro was BUILT FOR. So we'd like to facilitate track events for those enthusiasts who want to use their cars the way they were designed to be used.

Unfortunately, everyone on the staff is volunteer, and so these efforts are at the whim of our free time. We'll see what the future brings!
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