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First of all I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Number 3 for taking time to show my family and I the convertible. We met at Clearwater Beach. What a great location to see it! And perfect top down weather. As good as the coupe looks, the convertible looks even better. The body lines work great with the top down. I think visibility is better than the coupe with the elimination of the wide pillar at the back of the front window. Four power side windows instead of two. Trunck space is reduced from the coupe but it is not bad. I can confirm that two set og golf clubs fit in the trunk with the top down. I liked the screen in the trunk that provides an indication limit to the loading height. This way you won't fill the trunk to height and find out you can't put the top down because you put stuff in the way. What an awsome site to see it at the beach. I would have liked to take it home with me. If you think the sun visors on the coupe are small the visers on th econvertible are even shorter. But with the top down who cares. I really didn't even notice the shark fin, possibly because it was body colored. A great looking car! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. Please don't be confused seeing white stuff on the ground and Michigan plates. The white stuff is sand, not snow.

Thanks again for taking your time to show it off.

And one of mine to show I was there!

And a photo I took of the concept on Feb '07 at the Chicago auto show.
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