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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
I want to spill the commercial can of beans, but I only have

• Tremec 6060 6 Speed Manual Transmission
• MTI Short Throw Shifter
• Driveshaft Shop HD 1400HP Axle Shafts
• Be Cool Radiator
• American Racing Headers
• Forgeline Wheels, 20”X10.5”
• Michelin Tires, 305/35ZR20
• Specter Werkes Extractor Hood
• RPM Six Point Roll Bar
• Corbeau TRS Leather Seats and 5 Point Belts
• LS7 Engine, 681HP @ 6700 RPM / 588 LB/FT @5600
• 9.5” Differential, 373 Ratio with no preload TracRiteฎ GT – Helical Gear Limited Slip

In a few days and no further than 10 days out. I'll name names and post a rendering. I believe that this Camaro build will be a community event. There are so many that have contributed. This thread is a perfect example. I can't imagine GM isn't watching and learning because we certainly are. The only portion of this build that will disappoint the true Z/28 enthusiast is the price point. That is the only bad news and it really isn't that bad. The first car is built to a ridiculous standard. Customer builds will reflect the customer's wants, desires and budget. Only GM would be able to produce the Z/28 with more customer friendly pricing because they won't have a pile of expensive take off parts. You know, a LS3, a Tremec gear box, Brembo brakes, suspension, wheels and tires... not to mention the labor to strip it all out.

The ZL1 posted spectacular numbers from the Ring run. I 'know' what our car would do, but knowing and proving are two different things. I have checked a number of items off my bucket list. I have not checked off the run the Ring with a Pedderised Camaro box. Then again, I wasn't too sure I would be involved in a build like this

Very very cool Pete
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