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Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
I think that GM knows that if the ZL1 is priced much more than ten percent higher than a "similarly equipped" GT500 or in the CTS-V range, most potential ZL1 buyers will choose to purchase other vehicles. The ZL1 needs to be priced in the range where its target demographic can and will purchase it.
I might be able to pull the extra money if it costs $75,000 but I am not sure that I would. They have a loaded Black Diamond CTS-V with 4500 miles on it for $62,000 at Carmax. I really want the ZL1 but I think $75,000 puts it into a totally different range for most of us. Justice Pete and Ligenfelter are putting together a L/28 Camaro and they will announcing pricing soon. At $75,000 there will be a lot of other alternatives to the ZL1.
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