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Originally Posted by stlrammer View Post
If you live in St. Louis please read this post regarding your summer only tires.

Nitro in your tires may be least of your worries. Then again, if you are parking your car for the winter you can disregard this post. BTW, your ZL1 is beautiful. Very nice color.
...all good info and your link is a C5 sticky, the tires will not fail if you drive the car conservatively...i.e. like any every day car. The tires are cautioned for performance use, or any use for that matter, under cold condtions. They are going beyond temp recomendations or commom sense rules for product liability. It's an over caution statement to cover warranty. Granted, we all know they are summer tires. If the roads are dry and clear, and cold, drive the car, under any temp by my recomendation. But drive NORMAL. Not with performance in mind. If you go slow and steady, I see no reason for not operating the vehicle if you want to. Granted the tires will not perform under cold weather performance conditions and will fail.
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