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Originally Posted by Archonlord View Post
Ok so I've had my BBK longtubes in for at least 5 months now and have had to replace the passanger side post O2 sensor as it kept throwing the P0056 heater control error. I had it replaced it october at the dealer at my expense. It started doing it again this time I recived 2 codes the first time P0158 O2 sensor High voltage error bank 2 sensor 2 and the P0056 Heater control bank 2 sensor 2 error. Anyone have any clue on how to go about troubleshooting this? O2 sensor replacement because it flatlines get expensive every month?
So it's the passenger side again.. hmmmm. Unfortunately you can't just swap the passenger and driver side senors.

Wondering if perhaps it's not the sensor? Did you double check the wires and the wiring harness for damage?
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