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Originally Posted by Granatelli View Post
10lbs of boost should get you 765 rwhp - lets see how close I get
I'll be sure to let you know, but thats the intended starting point... If I understand correctly, we will adjust the springs and boost until we run out of fuel. We are using the CTS-V Dual pump system with a BAP. Corey is getting either 80, or 82 lb/hr injectors.

Originally Posted by camaroitalia View Post
First build thread I have ever read, amazing work so far. Cant wait to hear more.
Thank You For stopping by... It's going to be fun, and there are a hosts of folks waiting for this one here in Central South Texas... Since I work in Brazil, and will be gone for a substantial period of the build, I've had a host of them offer to video any Dyno runs, and to take pictures as it progresses. I talked to Corey the other day and since this is his first 2010 Camaro "big build" he has mentioned he will feature this car on his customers build page. We are going to do a base linee dyno run, hopefully when I take it to the shop on Thursday... I'll let you know...

I mentioned in a previous thread that the axles were up in the air, but no more.... After lots of discussion and research. I opted for Driveshaft Shop Level 5 Axles. I orderd them today, though shipping may be delayed a day or two due to the snow and ice storm they are experiencing in NC.

Thanks Frank for helping me and the suggestions... Looking forward to seeing those pieces...
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