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Originally Posted by danvillekidd View Post
Ryan, nice wheels! Cant wait to see them on your ride. Yeah I've been following that ZL1 thread in the ZL1 section. I dont know what I would do if that was mine!
For the wheel damage the only place I have found is AWRS in El Paso. Its a mobile repair. Link is
I have a small gouge on one of mine so I've been looking.
Okay, danvillekidd may prove to be my hero. I got into a weird traffic situation today, and pulled to the side of the street, to avoid problems, and you guessed it, rubbed up against the curb. I called Viva, and asked them if they could do anything about curb rash, and they told me I would have to buy a new wheel. So I called awrs wheel repair, and they said they could fix it for $135. So I'm going to their location at 3:30 pm today, to see if they can fix it. I'll report back on how it went, along with photo of wheel. Hopefully they can fix it. Below is photo of the discouraging sight. Uh, how's it go? Sh#t happens.
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