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Man I do feel for you all and most of all the OP. I can relate alot. I understand you play you pay. But yes purchasing from reputable companies not under the bridge backyard part shops and getting boned really sucks. I came here and felt lile it was a toss up between TSP and GPI for top notch quality parts and customer care. I choose GPI due to only being 6 hours away. 9 months ago I purchased and paid for them to instal the GPI SS1 VVT cam package. Here recently at around 5k miles I had a collapsed lifter. Causing damage to the cam and now I'm waiting until the end of May to have the engine torn down and inspected for further damage. When I do get to rebuild I was strongly leaning toward TSP. After this post really unsure. Feel like no one is safe. Best of luck to you man.
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