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Originally Posted by Tran View Post
Yes it will. Read the quote in the OP's post. Rest assured, there are powers that be that are working on getting a blue color for the SS. Whether it happens we'll see, but there are people within GM pushing for it and the interest shown in threads like this can only help show the kind of interest there is.
Please show me something that changed because people on this or any forum suggested it. (I don't mean the disciples, either.... they're in a special case.)

I'd love to believe that they're listening but since they don't say anything in response to these threads I'm left hanging. If they say "we're reading everything and forwarding the info to our bosses!" then I'm left in limbo here and almost definitely missed my chance to get in any local dealer's allocation.

I can't rely on the hope things will change and place an order GAMBLING it will swing my way and then have to cancel it when things don't change... that's TOTALLY selfish and unfair to someone else who wants to place an order for a car that's NOT in limbo. I can't in good conscience deprive someone of their dream in hopes I can change my order at some point in the future. I know how much this means to enthusiasts and can't do that to anyone!
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