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Originally Posted by bolteon593 View Post
i'll put 5 bucks down that it'll be slower.

the balance always has to maintain itself. if they add lightness, they'll raise the price; if they raise the horsepower; the gas millage will suffer.

something always has to give and there's little to be done about facts such as 200lbs of weight.
That's all I'll put on it as well. Though a part of me thinks they'll simply use aggressive coilovers, sway bars, and either poly bushings or spherical bearings with the GS2 tires and that will be good enough. In that case, the Z28 loses in the comfort category (unless they are adjustable...). The CTS-V coupe is faster than the Shelby in a straight line, so I expect the Z28 to win there (although I'm personally not a straight line racer). What I'm saying is that weight can be compensated for in handling with the right suspension.
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