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Originally Posted by Camaro_Corvette View Post
I would assume that since the performance numbers are soo close that the MPG's would be completely different. Or it's a testing the waters kind of thing. See if people will bite for the smaller engine.
True. Wonder what the MPG figures will be

Originally Posted by crysalis_01 View Post
80lb weight gain, 15 additional hp, 10 lbft additional torque.

Addition of ILIRS and DBJ front suspension, should make for a much better performing car than S197.

That's one thing that needs to be remembered, this is much more than S197 with 15hp/10tq increase. Thinking of it as such is a poor way to measure S550.
Absolutely, I was just curious. Not judging it, as I know it's gonna be a MUCH better car all around. 80 pounds is quite respectable. I was thinking more like 200. I'm actually really impressed by what they've done with it. I'm just not sold on the exterior yet.
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