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Bravo CamaroPete! +1

If people are willing to jump ship, or even to start a bitch session about GM because of something that happens several times a year, let them go. The line will just get shorter for those buying in the near future.

Up until about four months ago I worked in the industry that supported the "first and second tier" suppliers to the automotive industry, in addition to many other industries using automation. Tooling is typically custom all together, or at the very least, in the case of plastic injection, to a specific injection machine. So finding another vendor to make the part is not just a phone call away. However, I am sure GM saw this coming and was already securing another supplier with the same type of machinery. If this vendor liquidates then the new potential supplier may be able to pick up the machinery fairly cheep.

Originally Posted by camaropete View Post
Wow. I have been sitting here for some time reading this thread (along with another one on this topic) and struggling with typing a response. And once I decided to type something, I have edited it about 10 times. I know no matter how I type this someone is going to jump all over it. Oh well. Here goes.

I thought people were Camaro enthusiasts on here. Yet, people start to jump all over the Camaro and GM every time some little bump comes up in the road. We haven't heard anything officially from GM on any delay in production yet some people are saying they are considering cancelling their orders. Amazing.

I have been waiting for 20+ years for this car and frankly waiting a month longer (or even 2 or 3) isn't going to kill me. I want THIS car. I want a Camaro. I don't want a Challenger or a Mustang or a Hyundai. In fact, if they decide not to make the Camaro I probably won't buy anything.

So to GM (and those on here that work for GM), keep your heads down and keep working. I am buying this car no matter when you bring it out. And I am sure that lots of other die-hard Camaro fans will do the same. And for the fake Camaro fans on here, go cancel your orders and get your Challengers and Mustangs. I will be the one laughing at you when your head turns when I drive by.
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