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Delphi has been C11 since 10-05 and they are still supplying parts to GM. Cadence Innovation filed C7, liquidation. Based on GMs paying practices and terms of agreement I doubt CI has gotten paid fully for the tooling.

The learning curve for production parts is done when the PPAP, production part approval process, is submitted and released. Based on GM's time table for production, this must be complete 6 months prior to production.

Just moving the tooling to another supplier requires an extensive amount of work then, a PPAP submittal with qualifying dimensional data, passing environmental and destructive test data, and grain appearance approval to qualify the new suppliers processes for manufacturing these trim parts. This is standard practice when any supplier change is done.

A filing of C11 does not move an OE to change suppliers but obviously C7 will. It takes up to 6 months to get a supplier certified within the GM guidelines that they hold their suppliers to. They may do an interim PPAP to speed things up. That usually get you lots of early warranty TSBs. That risk is lower with trim.

To make headlines like this is a big deal.

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