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AAC Afterburners + Parking Sensors - Problems?

Hey I want to know if anyone out there has a combination of AAC Afterburners + Parking Sensors.

If so, are you having any issues with your parking sensors?

The day after I wired in my Afterburners (they installed the Halos in the taillights), my parking sensors started malfunctioning when the afterburners (parking lights) were on. Basically, if they were on, when put in R, the DIC will display "Park Assist Off!" and won't work at all. When the lights are off they function properly.

Took the car to the dealer. Back and forth for two weeks and they have no idea what maybe causing the issue, after AAC told me they had one other person with this issue and they took it to the dealer and got it fixed. AAC suggested I go to the dealer to see whats up. But no luck. They even did updates on the software/firmware.

So this is making me think its the Afterburners (which are powered by a 1000 watt/volt or something inverter box for each pair). They are wired following the AAC pdf, which says to connect to the ground and parking wire on each tail light harness.

BUT, I just want to know if anyone else here has these AAC Afterburners along with Parking Sensors, if you are or are not having any issues, and if you are, did you ever get them resolved.

I'm not bashing AAC, I'm just doing research to see if this problem or setup has happened before. And if there are any solutions since no one I've spoken with has given me a direct answer or viable solution.
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