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I believe the DA in the apples to oranges topic hasn’t been clearly discussed. PharmD was running his car at a DA (density altitude) of over 2000 on a hot and humid day. The magazine tests were done before the current heat wave and often in places where the DA should have been much lower. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! On June 26, Friday, Houston Raceway Park had a measured DA of 2915 feet above sea level at 3:50PM. The track is physically located at 38 feet above sea level but the heat and humidity ruins that during the summer. What this means is there is not as much air going into the engine so the power output is reduced (like running your car in the mountains). We should be seeing times that match or beat the magazine times when it cools off and the humidity drops. Houston can get negative DA (more than 1000 feet below sea level) during the winter, which means you are running faster than you should. Will everyone dismiss those 0-60 claims as well?

Decent Link to Calculate DA for Tracks:

P.S. - This is my first post on this forum but I thought this topic was worth adding emphasis to. Let's learn to make these cars faster!
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