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Originally Posted by charlie46 View Post
listen to me , now that your getting the 1le get rid of that hayabusa it way to dangerous . I had a cbr 929 and had several close calls and got rid of it. Especially if you have children. There real fun but its not worth the risk of dying or being crippled.
I agree with newb. I've been riding since I was 8, starting with a 50cc honda. That whole "motorcycles are too dangerous" bit is retarded. Are there risks? Yes. But that is true with just about everything that's fun in life. By that methodology, you shouldn't go fishing cause you might drown. Really? ...Keep your head on a swivel, ride within your capabilities (however great or small that is), and pretend every other driver is going to take you out. Other than that enjoy life on two wheels. There's nothing like it, and those who don't do it don't understand.

Ride on, Newb. I'm right there with you
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