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Need non projected tip plugs if using any nitrous.

Need at least 1 step colder than stock for boost AND one step colder for the spray. At least.

Need a controller, or at least a rev limiter that will shut down the spark without shutting the throttle blades. That way the spray will go out the exhaust for the engine cycles that aren't firing, rather than stack up in the air intake tract.

Need an AFR much richer than when using boost alone, as shown on the wideband.

I've mentioned these things on this forum in some previous threads but I always get shot down, then when carnage happens everyone blames the spray and gets afraid of it.

Glad to see Jaime isn't afraid to use it again.

With these things I mentioned alot of nitrous problems wouldn't happen. May or may not have saved this engine, that could be debated forever without an answer. Just Don't be afraid of nitrous, do the things I listed, retard the timing and make sure the fuel supply is plenty and all will be good.
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