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Originally Posted by Ravener View Post
For now I'm going to withhold his name and shop in the possibility that he will take the opportunity to help correct this mess. Already reached out to inform him. The throttle body is an obvious screw up as well as the head "scoring". I honestly can't lay blame regarding the cam/lifters since sh*t happens and you just can't say it was the builder...I mean it's a cam install, hard to screw up. But I'm still here scratching my head...
A cam install is not hard to screw up? Well, I have seen it time and time again. Someone gets a cam install, a little while later they get a tick and trash a motor. People try to say that it had nothing to do with the install, but most of the time it has everything to do with the install. Whenever you go in the motor there is chance of leaving even the smallest amount of trash in it. This trash gets mixed in the oil and then gets sent through the oil pump, lifters, bearings, ect.
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