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20x12 & 20x10 suspension set up

Now that my LSA supercharger install is about complete (still need dyno tune), it's time to start the planning of my next project, suspension mods. I'm not planning on any track time, just "spirited" back road driving without excessive comfort loss. Budget is somewhere around the $1400 for the 1LE track pack + FE4 parts.

Car (2010 SS, L99) currently is set up with 20x12 with 315/35 rear and 20x10 with 275/40 front. It also has aFe Control PFADT Series Lowering Springs. This is how the car came when I purchased it and I haven't seen any other modifications. Car has 81k miles on it.

I know that a square set up would handle better, but would like to stay with current set up since the wheels and tire are almost new.

I know I need the FE4 suspension mod and a larger rear sway bar. With the mileage on the car, its probably about time for new shocks/struts anyway. What would be a good priority list within my approx. $1600 budget-$2000 budget.

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