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Question 2SS exhaust Vs Mustang GT sound...

OK- sorry if this question sounds rediculous... and even more sorry I'm actually trying to emulate Ford... but, hey- they've been doing this one detail right for years!

I'm looking for an exhaust to best replicate that deep, compressed bass sound that Ford Mustang GT's are famous for. Everyone who has any interest in muscle cars can pick out a GT exhaust from miles away, it just has that bad a$$ sound...

That said, my 2SS LS3 is being built next week, I've listened to all the sound clips on C5, you tube, etc... but an amateur video clip broadcast through computer speakers doesn't quite represent the real-life sound, so I'm looking for someone who's personally heard the different exhausts and can best guide my purchase.

So far, from what I've heard, I'm leaning heavily toward the Flowmaster American Thunder... I'm about to purchase, but I wanted one last shot at input.

Thanks in advance!
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