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Originally Posted by CAM ZL1 View Post
I am very interested and the service tech working on the car would be interested as well to know if that wiring harness is intentionally placed in the location mine was or if it really was a fluke. So if any ZL1 owners feel like getting underneath their car, please report back.

The service technician that's working on my ZL1 seems to be going the extra mile in getting this car back to "new". My trust in production GM cars; however, has taken a pretty big hit unfortunately. In the brief chat I had with customer service, I was offered a year's worth of tire rotations and oil changes on a vehicle whose tires cannot be rotated and oil that lasts the better part of an entire year.
I would also be very upset with the car and especially poor customer service like that when it comes to a brand new $60K vehicle. I commend the tech for trying but something major is clearly wrong here and should be addressed directly by Chevy and not just the dealer. I would contact a district manager and or someone with the power to help push for a new car. My experience tells me a lemon from day one is always a lemon.
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