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Originally Posted by Mr Twisty View Post
The Camaro lineup has NEVER been more diverse in it's history than it is today..... they even offered a BIW for the ala carte folks.

Just what in the Sam Hill does it take to make you happy???

... and yes, the Z/28 is true to it's 1st gen heritage... in performance and price. Actually, in some ways, it's excelled... is that what makes you sad?

Sure they've mixed the RPO and COPO codes around a bit, big deal.

Here's the part I don't get..... you can get the Camaro in ~10 variations, from economical to track king and all in-between..... what more do you want???
Check out the options and price of the '69, and you want to try and tell me that the 2014 is "true to it's 1st gen heritage" ? No, it's not.
I was hoping that it would be. I'm not sad, more mad than anything else.
I'd love a Camaro Z/28 that wasn't designed to be a garage queen.
GM has other ideas. I'll just keep looking, maybe the new 'Cuda will look better than some of the renders online.
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