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Originally Posted by TBone View Post
This is why these posts get so far out of control is folks loose sight of the original issue.

It is NOT about the legality of the recording. It is NOT about GM looking bad since this is clearly about the Dealership, Best Chevrolet, and they are separate business entity.

It is about a fellow Camaro5 member who had been wronged and our inability to express our support to/for him.

Those bashing GM are not getting it. Those questioning the legalities of the recording are not getting it. IMHO! This is about showing support for a member in his time of need. A time when social media could be his greatest ally.

If Camaro5 does not want to support their members as we have supported them, the least they could do is let us know why they have chosen to turn their back on their community.


I expect we will not get a clear answer...because I expect Cam5 is, indeed, in bed with GM.

Someone said that a positive of that is the forum gives you a voice GM would have otherwise not heard. Well, not if that voice is quickly silenced.

The member who posted up the original thread had a legitimate issue with a GM dealer. The ONLY reason Cam5 mods would close said thread would be their contractual obligation to silence any negative postings and/or comments about GM as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If this were not the case, why not let people post? With the national attention this is getting, it could catapult the site into the national spotlight with news media potentially quoting members of the forum in support of the member in question. But NO. Rather than do the right thing, the mods have decided to brush this member's issues under the rug and turn the other cheek.

It's sickening to say the least because we are still expected to support this site, but the site refuses to do the same for us.

I've been saying for a long time that the censorship here is running absolutely rampant, but this is, by far, the biggest act of I've seen since I've been on here.

Either bring back the original, legitimate thread, and get off GM's nuts, or put a disclaimer up saying "Welcome to Camaro5....sponsored by GM. No negative comments/threads about GM or GM dealerships will be tolerated."

I'm disappointed..and more than a little .
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