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Originally Posted by Mblock66 View Post

I mistyped something I wrote above and I want to clarify it ( I was typing so fast I didn't realize)

I stated that if there was a 2500 rebate they would try to tell you MSRP was 30,000 but for you the price is now 27500 and for you to start negotiating there. That isn't what I meant or what you should do.

You need to FIRST negotiate the price of the car down to the lowest possible price with you FORGETTING about rebates and incentives. Say invoice is 27,000 on the car. You want to awlays shoot for at least invoice on a car. So you tell him you just want to talk price of the car without incentives. They will ask you what price do you have in mind. You say 26,500. They will say "where in the world did you come up with that" and you cool and calm say that is the price I am working for.

They will laugh and tell you it isn't possible blah blah blah and need to go talk to their manager. They will come back and say $28,000 is what I am approved to sell it for. You say 26,500 they will go bac one more time and say manager said I can go to 27,500. Then you say if they are willing to move this car today you will do the deal for 27,000.

they will go back and forth and finally if you hold they will meet you. NOW you use the 2500 rebate. See the difference. That rebate is YOURS, never use it on the top price use it when you are done negotiating. My mistake above.

So now you have them at invoice (27,000) and you get your 2500 rebate and the cars price is now 24,500 for you! That is how you do it, sorry about above
i have never bought from a dealer before...
dude im making you my friend!
theres no way im going to the dealer blindfolded. i have been doing my share of research but i'll take all the help i can get...

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