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LFX V6 is a Jewel

Just drove a LFX powered 2012 SRX. It totally transforms the SRX vs. the 3.0L. But I wanted to add some comments that might be relative to the 2012 Camaro LFX.
With the block stiffening and lighter weight connecting rods the engine is as smooth as glass and willing to rev. It does so so smoothly that you are not aware that it is at 5000rpms or above.
It is quieter at idle and at high rpms because of the above + the quieter DI.
It has a very expensive feel to it like a Porsche flat 6 or other high end 60 degree V6.
There are 0 vibrations or buzzes.
In the SRX it has almost a V8 quality to it because peak tq is at 2400rpms.
in the Camaro it will probably pull a little higher in the rev band because the tq peak is higher.
I think GM has a real winner here and it does not have any of the issues the Nissan 3.7 has.
Your are also going to notice how clean the engine bay is. Obviously headers are out now, but you do get a 20lb lighter motor that wants to spin to redline.

And the sound it makes from inside the cabin is awesome.

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