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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Thanks for the review!

Just curious...but have you spent much time behind the wheel of an LLT powered Camaro? I don't have much to compare to, but it sure seems like my LLT has no problem reving and while the peak TQ is a bit higher in the RPM range, as DGthe3 pointed out, it has a very flat TQ curve so I don't see power as a big difference.

But I'd be happy as heck if the new LFX performed measurably better than the LLT does...but hey...thats what modding is all about right? Keeping it fun lol.
I spent about 20 minutes in #272(IIRC)a V6 in April 2009. It was a GM owned vehicle that had been sent down for a car show and was about to picked up by a truck to be sent back to GM.
I was not overwhelmed by the power. But I've had a lot of experiences in 3.6L CTSs.
The 3.0L is a faster revver and since the new 3.6L is basicallythe same engine now and with lighter weight connectiing rods and additional strengthening to the block, it revs a little more quickly, smoothly and more quietly.
it is not the like the Nissan 3.7L that you don't want to take to the rev line because it is harsh.
It think everyone will be impressed with the LFX. Whether or not the 9hp makes a difference to you is debatable but as far as the quality of the drivetrain, it is top notch.
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