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We've been doing this for 22 Years, we're not some 20 year old kids doing cam installs for $1000 trying to make a name for ourselves.

Just because it has the largest brakes GM has ever offered from the factory, doesn't mean there isn't someone out there who wouldn't want bigger.

No need for the massive binders on this thing, or the 1200 horsepower twin-turbo upgrade over the LS-A, but I've seen us do that too.

The vain of the Z/28's existence is America. Why do you need 500 horsepower? You don't. Carbon brakes? Because you can. Cupholder for 44 ounces of diabetic deliciousness? I'll take two.

We take the supersized capability of this car, and we give you two cholesterol filled servings of adrenaline, wrapped in one convenient Z/28 package.

Mike SVX. Yeah, the Chysler computers are encrypted. I know because we have the codes, and have been building them without the warranty-voiding PCM swap everyone else is doing.

As per forum rules, shoot me an email for pricing.
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